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WHA specializes in custom-tailored, technical training for both oxygen and hydrogen systems. Our experience in the field and in our world class test facility allows us to provide you the best training experience offered anywhere. We offer a variety of options depending on the level of training needed and the format that best fits your organization.

WHA specializes in custom-tailored, technical training for both oxygen and hydrogen systems. We go above and beyond to teach the “why” behind the “what,” empowering students to better understand the systems they work on.

As professional consultants, our course instructors are industry-leading experts in the field of oxygen and hydrogen safety, design methodology, hazards analysis, and fire risk mitigation. We can effectively teach you design methods, risk analysis techniques, and good practices for system assembly, operations and maintenance.

Our training courses are based on the latest guides and practices from industry standards from ASTM, CGA, EIGA, NFPA, ISO and others. We know the industry standards because we help write them by actively participating in these standards organizations. Our instructors are not only knowledgeable in oxygen testing standards worldwide, they are also experienced in forensic investigation techniques and have taught courses in almost every industry that touches oxygen or hydrogen.

Students will reap the benefits of learning with us. From simple components to aerospace systems, this training matters to each student we teach because we don't just offer a basic OSHA safety course. We don't just meet CFR regulations. We go above and beyond to teach the “why” behind the “what,” empowering students to better understand the systems they work on. See course catalog »


Core Concepts

Image: Fire TriangleSafety principles for oxygen and hydrogen are at the heart of what we teach. We use the simple fire triangle illustration to effectively communicate basic fire principles that become the basis for fire risk mitigation. The key words we use to create a safe environment have now become a standard in industry: Maximize, Minimize, Utilize. These core concepts are taught in every course we provide, from a broad, beginner's knowledge up to an expert's in-depth knowledge.


Course Levels

Level One


Introduces the oxygen or hydrogen hazard and risk management model, increases safety awareness, communicates essential good practices used to reduce fire risk.

Best Suited For

All personnel who work on or around oxygen or hydrogen systems, anyone needing general awareness of the hazards of these systems.


Level Two


Contains all objectives of Level 1 plus provides a deeper understanding of materials compatibility, factors that contribute to ignition, and extensive good practices related to operating or maintaining oxygen or hydrogen systems.

Best Suited For

Personnel who work directly with or on oxygen or hydrogen systems including technicians, operators, maintenance crews, engineers, millwrights, instrumentation personnel, pipe fitters, safety personnel, system managers, etc.


Level Three


Contains all objectives of Level 2 plus provides more advanced knowledge required to understand system design and analysis methods, including introduction of the Oxygen/Hydrogen Hazards & Fire Risk Analysis tool.

Best Suited For

Technical personnel including engineers, designers, scientists, materials specialists, advanced technicians, system managers, safety personnel, etc.


Level Four


Contains all objectives of Level 3 plus provides custom- tailored application of the Oxygen/Hydrogen Hazards & Fire Risk Analysis tool on systems and components, optional special topics for expert understanding.

Best Suited For

Technical personnel listed for Level 3 who desire expert knowledge for a company hazards analysis team or resident oxygen/hydrogen expert.



Image: Oxygen Safety Courses - Duration and Mastery Steps


Learning Formats


Our on-site courses are the most popular delivery method of all WHA Training options. When you host the course at your location, you gain the advantage of an expert's point of view when they instruct your training. All of our on-site training courses are custom-tailored to a client’s specific industry and needs. We also offer the option of performing a system audit or system consulting while on-site to further customize the training or provide professional service support on safety issues. All on-site courses are costed based upon the number of attendees and courses presented.
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All of our courses can be taught at our Training Center, located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Our flagship course, which is taught in the spring and fall of each year, is our Oxygen Systems Design & Analysis course.

Attending a course in Las Cruces has some special perks that an eTraining or on-site course doesn't have. One benefit is the variety of oxygen professionals that come together to learn about oxygen safety. It is a great way to network and participate in the broader sense of industry.

Attendees tour our Test Facility, meeting the staff that provides both standard and specialized testing. We arrange live testing demonstrations that underscore the need for safety compliance in choosing materials and designing systems. Students will enjoy the excitement of oxygen component and material ignition tests, as viewed at a safe distance. Additionally, valuable insights can be gained from a host of historic oxygen fires and burned hardware located at our facility.
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Our computer-based courses offer the advantages of easy, anytime access and convenience, as well as tracking student performance and progress. WHA hosts the following courses on our own SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS). Since not everyone can afford travel expenses or customized instruction, our eTraining provides an economical alternative.
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