Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Vehicle Fires

Whether the fire is a small, limited-loss residential fire or a catastrophic industrial high-order explosion and fire, WHA can handle it. WHA engineers and scientists utilize the latest standards, codes and state-of-the-art research to aid in the investigation and analysis of each fire or explosion. Our staff of certified fire and explosion investigators, engineers and fire scientists provide our clients a complete spectrum of services ranging from on-site origin, cause and engineering analysis (using state-of-the-are data collection techniques), to conducting full- and reduced-scale testing at the Wendell Hull and Associates Test Facility, and as needed, expert reporting and trial testimony. WHA uses standardized testing and case-specific testing to evaluate evidence, ranging from microscopic particle samples retrieved from a fire scene, to the gigantic items that have been retrieved from a major industrial explosion debris field. WHA, using FTIR, SEM, gas chromatography, x-ray, FMEA, OHFRA, microscopic inspection, testing, and engineering failure analysis is able to apply the resources necessary to test the full range of theories and hypotheses formulated in connection with a particular loss and to provide scientific support for the resultant root cause determinations.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Vehicle Fire Experience