Pneumatic Equipment Testing

Along with adiabatic compression testing, WHA also performs additional pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical tests required by pressure vessel and compressed gas component standards. For example, valves and regulators that require adiabatic compression testing also require testing for burst and proof pressure, leakage, flow, high and low temperature exposure, endurance cycling, failure torque, mechanical impact, and vibration. Many manufacturers of these components require testing and analysis of this kind but don't have the time, funds, or resources to develop and utilize individualized testing facilities and procedures. WHA can deliver the needed information with test systems that are unparalleled world-wide. WHA's test systems and facility have the flexibility and versatility to adapt to your specific needs to minimize cost and testing duration.

WHA performs testing including, but not limited to, these pneumatic component standards:

CGA V-9 - Compressed Gas Association Standard for Compressed Gas Cylinder Valves
CGA E-4 - Standard for Gas Pressure Regulators
CGA E-7 - Medical Gas Pressure Regulators, Flowmeters, and Orifice Flow Selectors
CGA E-18 - Medical Gas Valve Integrated Pressure Regulators
ISO 10297 - Transportable gas cylinders - Cylinder valves - Specification and type testing
ISO 10524-1 - Pressure regulators for use with medical gases - Part 1: Pressure regulators and pressure regulators with flow-metering devices
ISO 10524-2 - Pressure regulators for use with medical gases - Part 2: Manifold and line pressure regulators
ISO 10524-3 - Pressure regulators for use with medical gases - Part 3: Pressure regulators integrated with cylinder valves
ISO 10524-4 - Pressure regulators for use with medical gases - Part 4: Low-pressure regulators
SAE AS1197 - Continuous Flow Oxygen Regulator
ISO 10297 - Transportable Gas Cylinders - Cylinder Valves - Specification and Type Testing 
EN 13949 - Respiratory Equipment - Open-Circuit Self-Contained Diving Apparatus for Use With Compressed Nitrox and Oxygen; Requirements, Testing, Marking
EN 14143 - Respiratory Equipment - Self-Contained Re-Breathing Diving Apparatus

The subpages listed on the left provide a list of pneumatic and mechanical testing performed by WHA.