Oxygen Cleaning

oxygen clean partsWHA provides the following oxygen cleaning services:

Oxygen Precision Cleaning

For over fifteen years, WHA has been precision cleaning parts used in oxygen service.  Oxygen service parts and assemblies require a high degree of cleanliness to ensure contamination is sufficiently minimized. Contamination typically represents the most ignitable and flammable material in oxygen systems. Removing the contamination by effective cleaning mitigates the risk of a fire event caused by contaminant-promoted ignition.  Contaminants include, but are not limited to, hydrocarbon oils and greases, cleaning agents, particulate matter, and excessive oxygen-compatible lubricants.  WHA specializes in providing oxygen precision cleaning services as well as cleaning consultation and auditing to help customers meet their oxygen cleaning requirements.

WHA can provide precision cleaning to a wide variety of standards and specifications in our environmentally controlled clean room and laboratory. Cleanliness levels can be verified internally for each batch of parts cleaned or determined by our frequent cleaning process verification. WHA is capable of meeting oxygen cleaning specifications in standards such as ISO 15001, ASTM G93, EIGA 33/06, CGA 4.1, and SAE ARP1176.

oxygen clean laboratoryWHA’s standard cleaning process consists of pre-cleaning (if necessary), and precision cleaning via various wash and rinse stations involving ultrasonic and recirculating baths with the use of detergent and purified water. Once washed and rinsed, parts are dried and purged before being placed into certified clean primary and secondary bags. WHA has other cleaning capabilities as well as customized cleaning processes to accommodate specialty parts and materials.

Cleanliness Evaluation

WHA’s laboratory is available for off-site testing of cleanliness levels and analysis of contamination to help identify contamination sources. Cleanliness evaluation is performed with solvent extraction methods according to ASTM standards and is capable of providing non-volatile residue amounts (e.g., mg/m2) and particle sizing/counting.  Test samples can also undergo material characterization at WHA, using techniques such as FTIR, to determine the type and origin of the contamination. These services can be paired with our oxygen fire risk analysis to help evaluate the need for re-cleaning.

Cleaning Process Review and Consulting

Choosing the most appropriate oxygen cleaning process is challenging. There are many factors to consider such as cleaning effectiveness, oxygen compatibility, material compatibility, toxicity, environmental impacts and economics. WHA has the experience and reference oxygen clean verificationmaterials to help customize the best approach for your oxygen cleaning. WHA represents the technical contact for ASTM G93 Standard Practice for Cleaning Methods and Cleanliness Levels for Material and Equipment Used in Oxygen-Enriched Environments and is heavily involved with the revision of other ASTM oxygen cleaning standards.

WHA can review existing cleaning processes via desk top reviews or on-site audits. On-site services also include cleanliness evaluation using qualitative inspection techniques and sampling for quantitative techniques. Our consultation experience ranges from large piping systems to package gas filling systems to component manufacturing facilities.