NF3 Compatibility Testing

WHA was the coordinator of an industry sponsored program that funded the development of test systems to determine the compatibility of materials in nitrogen trifluoride (NF3). The NF3 test systems include:

Although initially designed on equivalent oxygen tests, these tests systems were modified to tolerate the powerful oxidizing capabilities of NF3. WHA's paper, Material Compatibility with Nitrogen Trifluoride, summarizes the results of the testing on various nonmetals and metals. WHA has recently developed a new AIT test system with Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) technology. The AIT chamber is capable of receiving an external beam FTIR to characterize the species produced as NF3 is heated and non-metallic materials ignite and react.

WHA can also provide custom NF3 testing which would involve long duration exposure of materials to NF3 under specific conditions and promoted ignition testing of NF3 valves and other components. The promoted ignition testing applies a unique ignition source within the valve to promote the seat or other nonmetals and evaluate whether the reaction extinguishes after the nonmetal is consumed or continues to the surrounding materials.