Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing is the means by which engineers determine the mechanical properties of a material or assembly. Whether it's a compression test on a plastic component, a tension test of a welded assembly or a hardness test on a metal, these mechanical tests provide the engineering data necessary for successful performance of a product or system. Mechanical testing is the first step in putting a critical design into practice as well as a means of evaluating the reasons for failure. In mechanical testing, as with other forms of testing, the results of the tests are relied on in the analytical design phase of an engineering project and again in proof testing of the final product. Testing is performed at WHA to ASTM International standards and to specific customer requirements.

Common types of mechanical tests performed by WHA include:

WHA has extensive experience in the evaluation of the forces that act upon components and systems in the laboratory and the field. WHA has performed standardized and specialized tests including mechanical loading, mechanical impact resistance, stress analysis, vibration, and fatigue.

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