High Energy Testing

If your project is large-scale, highly energetic, and may cause an event too hazardous or risky to assess in-house, WHA can provide a safe evaluation. We have engineered a safe environment for higher energy events. Our WHA Proving Ground provides access to a large-scale, safety-engineered testing area and expert engineering support. We can also provide post-test analysis to your development team.

We safely test hazards you want to understand.

WHA maintains high energy test cells to contain an energy release and also a large open test area for larger energy releases and overpressures.

We have the capability to test a wide variety of hazards.

We design to meet your testing requirements.

Custom Fuel Gas Test Cell

We provide test system design that is customized according to your needs.
We invite you to attend and participate on-site with your team during testing.

Data is gathered by experts according to industry standards.

We provide the expertise necessary to meet your test's data aquisition and control system requirements. Examples include, but are not limited to heat flux sensors, field piezoelectric pressure transducers, thermocouples, strain gage pressure transducers, scale load cells, high speed and high definition video aquisition systems.

Data analysis will quantify the safety of your application.

We regularly evaluate and apply test data to systems and components. Our experience as consultants has taught us how to effectively respond to the specific needs of industry.