Head Space Analysis

Scene Investigation

Many times when a fire or explosion occurs, all significant patterns lead to an area of origin that does not yield an explainable fuel or ignition mechanism. Ignitable liquids such as gasoline can be used to accelerate a fire's activity. With proper sample collection methods, evidence from a fire scene can be extracted and tested for ignitable liquids or other flammable materials that should not have been present. This test method is commonly referred to as Head Space Analysis.

Jonathan Running FTIR

Head Space Analysis is basically a technique in which the vapors in equilibrium with a solid or liquid are extracted and analyzed. The procedure involved makes available volatile vapors for analysis from otherwise unknown evidence remains.

This technique has been used to identify spoiled food, fragrances from botanical material, determination of plasticizers in plastics and for forensic samples involving arson.WHA is capable of performing analysis of fire debris in accordance with ASTM E1388. With this testing tool, WHA can Head Space Analysis Sampleevaluate and characterize fire scene evidence. WHA is ready to provide this service to assist you in analyzing your fire scene evidence.