Hazard Analysis


Analyzing and mitigating hazards and fire risks associated with hazardous fluids is critical to ensuring the inherent safety of a given system. Many industries in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia rely on WHA's background, training, and experience to evaluate hazards and fire risks associated with various fluids including gaseous and liquid oxygen (GOX & LOX), non-oxygen oxidizers (nitrous, nitrogen trifluoride, fluorine, ozone), fuel gases (hydrogen, acetylene, propane, natural gas) and compressed or liquid "inerts" (nitrogen, argon, helium). WHA has an extensive history with oxygen and fuel gas systems and has developed various analytical methods in compliance with international standards to perform risk assessments and safety audits for these systems and components. WHA is also capable of performing pressure vessel and system analysis according to ASME codes and is audit certified by the European Community for Standardization (CEN). 

CE Mark: European Conformity


WHA has performed hazards analyses and safety audits for a wide range of industries including:

Industrial Gases and Chemicals, Air Separation, Gasification, Fuel Cell Technology, Water Treatment, Aerospace, Steel Refining and Processing, Electronics, Medical Equipment, Hyperbarics and Hypobarics, Scuba Diving, and Armed Forces.