FTIR Material Characterization

Spectroscopy is the measurement of a quantity as a function of either wavelength or frequency. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), like other forms of spectrometry, can be used to identify compounds or investigate sample composition. Identification of compounds is a critical tool for understanding what materials may have been involved in a fire, explosion, contamination, failure, or other incident.

Infrared spectroscopy utilizes the fact that molecules have specific frequencies at which they rotate or vibrate corresponding to discrete energy levels. Using the knowledge of these energy levels, a spectrum can then be produced for evaluation of compound identification or sample composition. 

WHA engineers have extensive training in how to understand and evaluate materials using FTIR analysis. The FTIR has proven itself to be a valuable tool in performing burn reside identification and head space analysis. WHA's engineers are able to assist you with the evaluation of your materials of interest.