Fire Tolerance Testing

If a component could be subjected to a strong ignition mechanism, either internally or externally, then it is helpful to know how the component will tolerate such an ignition mechanism. Internal ignition mechanism could be a kindling chain developing from burning contaminants and softgoods. This is consistent with the promoted ignition test for regulators. WHA has applied a promoted ignition event to filters, welding regulators and compressors by customizing the promoter energy to the component application. Filters accumulate lubricants, thread tape and particles all of which are finely divided and, if ignited, can create a fire that the filter should be designed to contain. Welding regulators are often exposed to various contaminants and can be exposed to the ignition of a relatively large industrial cylinder valve seat. Oxygen compressors need to be evaluated for tolerance to check valve ignition, friction ignition and contaminant ignition. All of these scenarios have been tested by WHA and are available for customization.

WHA has also tested components to evaluate their tolerance to external ignition mechanisms such as house and vehicle fires and smoking. Please follow the links on the left for examples of such testing.