Fire Testing

Fire is the oxidation of a combustible material which releases heat, light and various reaction products. Fires can initiate when an ignitable material (fuel), with an adequate supply of an oxidizer, is subjected to sufficient heat. Fire can neither exist nor propagate without sufficient fuel, oxidizers, and heat. Understanding fire may seem simple given these basic observations; however, the complexities of fire are anything but trivial. WHA engineers have many decades of experience in fire science. They have an in-depth understanding of the principles involved in the initiation, continuation, and extinguishment of fire. They also understand the role these principles play in testing materials and components. WHA has contributed to the establishment of multiple standardized test methods within the scientific community, many of which are only available at WHA's Test Facility. WHA performs tests to expand the knowledge of auto-ignition, flash and fire points, hot surface ignition and self heating fires of a wide variety of solids, liquids, and gaseous materials.

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