Expert Witness Services

WHA has provided forensic engineering litigation support expert witness services since 1974.  Significant changes have occurred in that period of time.  However, the emphasis remains on the need for those involved in the profession to use all available means to ensure that their endeavors rise to the highest level of integrity and scientific/engineering reliability, as the participants can reasonably achieve, given the contemporary state-of-the-art of the relevant technical areas involved in a given case.  WHA strives to live up to this standard in all of the services it provides.

WHA engineers and scientists use state-of-the-art investigation, data collection, testing and analysis techniques and procedures to ensure that reports, conclusions and opinions are the result of carefully considered professional evaluations of all of the evidence in a case.  An integral part of this WHA program is staying abreast of applicable standards and codes, and with contemporary research on the relevant technical issues.

flammability by ASTM G125An important part of the WHA services in this area is the use of standard tests and specially-designed tests to help illustrate and emphasize important performance characteristics of the various devices and environments that may have played a role in the sequence of events that resulted in the incident event and led to litigation.  In this regard, WHA emphasizes the scientific method and works with the client to prepare to meet challenges, should they arise.

WHA is able to appropriately test and evaluate the various theories that are put forward in an effort to explain what happened in the incident and then to demonstrate to the court the outcome of the WHA tests.  WHA has the experience, expertise, tools, and track record needed to provide all of your forensic engineering analysis and expert witness needs.  The services highlighted here are an indication of the range and type of expert witness and litigation support services that WHA can provide to assist you in successfully resolving your case.


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