Endurance/Exposure Testing

Endurance and life cycle testing of components in oxygen is a critical step to developing the confidence needed in product safety. WHA has test systems capable of performing endurance cycles on components such as valves, regulators, conservers, valve integrated pressure regulators (integrated valve regulators), check valves, relief valves, concentrators, portable LOX vessels, ventilators, CPAPs, compressors and other oxygen equipment. WHA can meet various test conditions and procedures or even adjust test methods from industry standards to better meet your needs. While most endurance test standards for oxygen equipment do not require endurance testing in oxygen, WHA encourages endurance testing in oxygen for oxygen equipment and has the test systems to facilitate such testing with the necessary precautions to safely manage failure events, should they occur.

Exposure testing of materials at various oxygen conditions (pressure, temperature, concentration, diluents, flow rates, LOX) can develop a material's safe history of use with oxygen. This type of testing can also determine extent (temperature rise) of any exothermic reactions (whether the reaction can progress to ignition) and provide means to evaluate whether material properties change after oxygen exposure. Testing is customized according to client requests or can be performed according to standards such as ASTM Standard D572-04 - Standard Test Method for Rubber-Deterioration by Heat and Oxygen.

endurance cycling setup